Plane pictures, 3/3 (1/3 and 2/3).

nerdsrow said: Hati. Aaaaaaaay. ;]

kantobromance said: Design some pokemon gijinka~

Two gijinka: Human!Hati and Human!Vera.

These were all drawn on the plane home from Oxford using three ciao copics I bought there (pastel colors) and two ink pens (Faber-Castell’s S and Pentel’s .03 art pen), along with a handy mechanical pencil.

And, that’s it!  This was really fun and challenging (in a good way).  I’ll try this again sometime.  : )

aaaa!! Oh wow!! I’m sorry I didn’t see this before!! Look at you go!!  I was expecting pokemon hati so that you drew gijinka hati is especially flattering. ;V;

Looks good!! ;>;

I’M gOnna use this blog more I swear.
First posted here  I had a dream??? with this guy  the other night that I wanna draw out but instead I just drew him for the moment cause i cant be the only one that needs to remember how to draw characters again, wHELP.

His name was Theron iirc. Short hair (left) or long hair (right).


YOU JUST KEEP ADDING THINGS THAT LOOK COOL. Mine are messy and still need to be refined most of the time

To be honest, whenever I’m doing tattoos, nothing ever looks good or decent until i’m about halfway through or 3/4 of the way when i have some sense of direction! Add and then erasing and adding more! unless you have something definite, just scribble and look for patterns and shapes. It’s relaxing and think of it as all concepts (like a first draft) before you go in and make things detailed or definite. >:V 




Tail. y/n

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kantobromance: "I want to hear you sing," or "Let me sing for you," Dennis and Xander

Eliseo rarely let Mr. X and Mr. D be alone but when he did, it was quite nice. No tests or questions or the sound of notes scribbled down on paper, the room settled in a heavy relief and a sort of emotional quietness that the two men enjoyed. As of late, they spoke less and less. Psyches were beginning to strain.The radio filled the void where talking might be. Songs came and went, and stations switched constantly.

—midnight with the stars and you~

"Hold it there, X" piped the dark-skinned man from the couch. He lifted a hand toward the radio ad waved a finger like a baton along with the tune. Piano danced along with winds. Mr D chuckled. "This a good song."

The other man took his  hand away from the dial and gave a simple shrug, looking over at D.  It was good, sure, but clearly the song was nearly over, like usual.
"I always miss the beginning of that one." X managed a smile ,despite himself. " You know.. with the rest of the words."

At this, D snorted and stood up, elbows out and hands rested at waist.

"Turn that off," he said. "Let me sing for you."

Fluff & Romance Starters
lol name me some other asshole with a broken Hydreigon that nearly took out half my White team. :|


I’m really glad i didn’t nuzlocke my way through it. I camped on that battle for days and kept getting STOMPED ON.


Does he have a business partner named Ghetsis >.> ?



A vicious champion, 
but he’s no less content.

Dennis Andy Darlington

Lvl. 89 Hydreigon

Male, 37, 5’11”

D.O.B:  21 June.

Crunch - Fire Blast
Dragon Pulse - Surf????
Focus Blast - Steel Wing

\\Surprisingly affable despite his ill-intent, Dennis is not to be trusted. yet most do. First impressions are very important. He’s gracious, smart, confident, and clever with good level of perception, especially of others. He carries himself with a superior attitude while at same time being approachable. He makes himself easy to trust. He knows exactly what to say and believes 110% in himself whether it be in his ability to act or speak. Dennis fills his role as a beloved politician perfectly but he’s the most corrupt of them all with a cruel-lasting patience.

He has no bitterment or reason behind wicked deeds.It’s a curious thing to wonder how his mind works. The hydreigon knows the difference between right and wrong and still persists in what he pleases and tries to do so without getting his hands too dirty.

No tragic past, he grew up fine and happy alongside Maddy, and the two even fell in love at point one. While Maddy was geared toward an early start to a career, he went away and beyond the state to study. No one’s quite sure what happened across those several years but he never came back the same.Or at least, Margra’s the only one to have noticed behind closed door. They’ve since split apart, but oh how he loves to tease and pull on that ribbon tied still tied around her neck. Metaphorically or literally is anyone’s guest. He’s got other stuff planned.


-Purple.Purple purple. His favorite color is purple. That ribbon Margra wears is an old gift.

-His wings aren’t actually too good for flight, but he can shuffle around  as if he had the ability to double-jump and hover out of harm’s way.

-Was a Hydreigon by lvl 54. If anyone gets that ref  I applaud you.

-His fighting style is quick, sharp, unpredictable. He aims to disarm, apprehend,and finish off. Dirty fighter ooh la la.

-Ex to Margra



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Like finishing up fiddling with a new theme


Don’t worry, I’m a theme fiddler addict!

Oh GOOD. The next time you see it, maybe it’ll be more than me playing with it. WELCOME to my WIP Character blog though.image


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O-oh. Had I known you were coming I would have cleaned up some!!
Like finishing up fiddling with a new theme

Princess crocodile
A heart full of bells
Rings in your moves
Whatever you do, I see it all in you.

Madara “Margra” Margrét

AKA Maddy

Lvl. 87 Krookodile

Female, 38, 5’7”

D.O.B: 14 February.

Crunch - Foul Play
Dragon Claw - Dig
Facade - Pursuit 

\\Born and raised in a far away city-state under a Queendom, Margra took up the reigns of becoming its Margrave after the previous long holder of the title, her father, had passed away. Having always wanted to make him proud, she steeled herself to it, and the transition was easy enough despite the loss of her father hitting her hard. By no means a backwards system, Her occupation is that akin to civil defense and security. She polices the state and looks after it as best she can. 

A diligent worker yet prone to getting derailed, she works best away from distractions, but she’s easily bothered and emotionally volatile. Her mental armor is full of cracks and she stubbornly refuses to fix her own problems and ignore them ,while still clinging to the issue. While she’s quick to bare tooth and nail , she’s easy to break. One just need know where to hit.

One such person does and their persistence leads to the steady decline of the security system as well as chipping off Margra’s psyche. She’s rash, boorish, bitey, and easy to read— Not even a pretty face can mask that she’s become unfit to lead.Which is where we are now.  But were we really better off to begin with.

-While she’s got experience with many weapons, Her skills are with rapier and rope dart, which she carries around.

-Never takes off that purple ribbon for some reason.

- Her fighting style is fluid and adaptive. She centers around catching the foe off-guard and turning their strength against them. She rushes into things however, and can be quite clumsy if overworked.

-Loves Donuts. Forever and ever.

-Warning: Bites.

-Ex of Dennis! (ref coming soon)

Can i just keep these kawaii info donuts here.